Quality Policy
Quality Policy

C- Customer Satisfaction and Delight
O- On time, every time
S- Scientifically and continually improve
T- Training, skill development and employee engagement

Customer satisfaction and delight

We strive to keep our customers satisfied and delighted by meeting or exceeding their expectation with our service.

On time, every time

Prompt and immediate response to breakdowns and getting the turbine back in to operation in the quickest possible time every time a breakdown occurs.

Scientifically and continually improve

Adopt a data-based/ statistical approach in monitoring, measuring, checking and continually improving the performance metrics defined for each and every process established in the organisation.

Training, skill development and Employee engagement

We emphasise the need for continuously reviewing the training needs of all our employees and address them to enhance their skill development. We feel the input from the last employee is equally important to the growth of the organisation, carefully hear their opinions and suggestions and implement them whichever is feasible. This leads to an increased level of employee engagement and empowerment in the organisation.