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Latest News

An international conference & Expo on renewable energy under the banner of RENERGY 2014 was held in Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam between 12-14th June 2014. The event was supported and sponsored by the Ministry of new and Renewable energy , Government of India.

The event urged the industry to step up innovations and leverage on the multiple investment opportunities being created by the Indian Government.

The expo proved to be a catalyst for industry stakeholders, in exploring business opportunities and served as a hub for knowledge exchange whilst widening the sector’s insights on sustainable financing models, cutting-edge technologies and successful, proven business practices.

OCE had a stall in the expo for 2 full days and showcased its portfolio in the market for the first time. There was an overwhelming response to the stall , more than about 100 visitors and enquiries in 2 days of the expo. Looking forward for some prospective enquiries to orders shortly.

Mr. Pramodh Panchanadam, CEO of OCE presented a case on “ Field study report on operating wind farms” in the workshop held at the expo, this was well received and appreciated by the dignitaries and participants in the workshop.