Wind turbine insurance support is provided for owners by OCE in the form of

  • Fire and Special Perils,
  • Burglary,
  • Public Indemnity,
  • Machinery Break-down Insurance (MBD)
  • Accidental damage warranty

OCE have an unparalleled understanding of electrical and mechanical breakdown of machinery and component parts

OCE has in house underwriting facilities for wind turbines with the most sought after insurers which allows them to issue operational insurance quotes and place on risk Wind Turbines on a 24/7 basis. This speeds up the whole quoting process and allows fine tuning of the policy and the premium. OCE insurers are fully accepted by banks and lenders.

OCE can insure second user and reconditioned turbines.

We currently insure owners, developers, installers and contractors for their respective risks. These risks are wide and various and can range from liability to transit of the turbine, to breakdown and physical damage both prior to and post commissioning. For you to be properly covered, each of these areas needs to fully discussed and appraised.