Operations & Maintenance
Operations & Maintenance

The lifeblood of a wind farm is operations, electrical and mechanical troubleshooting and day to day facility performance reporting.

Turbine downtime directly results in lost profit: let OCE keep your wind farm operating at full capacity in order to attain your revenue goal.

  • Full service outsourced O&M
  • 24 X 7 remote/physical monitoring
  • Large corrective action

OCE performs operation, maintenance, servicing, repairs, installation, condition monitoring and refurbishment of all types of wind turbines. Furthermore, OCE provides 24 X 7 surveillance of wind turbines.

We offer O&M, spare parts, SCADA & Insurance advisory for all capacity & make of wind turbines and always in close cooperative with turbine owner.

Our strong service network ensures stable operation and short waiting period.

With SCADA monitoring, we able to monitor the turbine condition 24 X 7 and move out if problem arise. That way, you are ensuring that quick and efficient action is taken to prevent down time.

We are capable of identifying any deviation in the condition of the turbine from a very early stage and correcting the issue it before it results in a catastrophic failure.

Increasing Revenue
  • Improving price of energy
  • Improving turbine availability
  • Improving energy yield
Decreasing Cost
  • Lower labour cost
  • Innovation in O&M practices form broader industry
  • Supply competition – Spares
  • Consolidation across technologies
  • Efficient through technologies